March Skin Care Update

Hey ladies and gents! I just wanted to share an update on the Skin Care Challenge I am participating in.  In my last post, I shared with you the products I used as well as my weekly routine.  I have been using all of these products for quite some time now, and I am very pleased with the results.  I haven't experienced any dryness, I haven't experienced as many breakouts, and my dark spots are fading!  Sounds great, right?

Creating a regimen was easy for me because through lots of trial and error, I have learned what products work for my skin type (and budget).  My main problem in taking care of my skin, however, has been being consistent with my regimen.  Participating in this challenge, charting my progress, and sharing information with you guys here has helped me stay on task so far!

As an incentive to sticking to my regimen, I have decided to reward myself for consistency and progress.  For being consistent these last couple of months, I purchased myself a few skin-care related goodies.

I grabbed these goodies from Ulta.  These are Earth Therapeutic's Recover-E Cucumber Eye Pads, Rejuvenal-C Orange Eye Pads, and an Anti-Bacterial Complexion Towel.  I haven't used the eye pads yet, but I now use the complexion towel each time I cleanse my face.  

Another problem I had with my skin care was dealing with break-outs.  Though it hasn't been much of a problem during this challenge, I did have two minor breakouts while PMSing.  So I tried mark's Break Out Plan in hopes to do away with this issue.  During "that time" I replaced my normal moisturizer (mark's See Things Clearly) with mark's Break Out Plan.  And I was soooooo IMPRESSED!  Every bump that surfaced dried up overnight after using the product.  Even better was the fact that there was no scarring.  My skin also felt very moisturized after using it. This was a surprise, as products that promise to rid one of break-outs are usually very drying.  Another plus is that it doesn't take much product to achieve desired results!

This is definitely being added to the regimen!  

Other things I've been doing differently are as follows:
-Drinking more water (2L daily)
-Eating healthier (NO FAST FOOD)
-Eating foods that are good for my skin (see link)
-Changing my pillow case twice weekly
-Cleaning my satin head scarf twice weekly (click here for jmarie's video on how to do this)
-Wearing less makeup 
-Pampering myself and eliminating stress

Are you participating in the Skin Care Challenge?  What skin care regimen do you follow?  If you have any tips to share or would like to share anything related to your own skin care journey, please feel free to do so in the comments!

Also, if you would like to try a sample of any Avon or mark. skin care product, feel free to e-mail me at!
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