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To all of my beautylicious divas on a budget: I have a treat for you! Today my guest blogger Silvana over at Glitz Glam Budget will be sharing Beauty and Fashion Saving Tips with you all. Feel free to take notes!
I have an insanely low beauty and fashion budget, yet a closet full of clothes and a vanity full of beauty products. Quite honestly there aren’t that many products that I actually pay full price, it is because I follow a few set of tips that allow me to not only purchase the same number of beauty and fashion items as I desire, yet save a ton of money!

Here are a few tips that will allow you to save on beauty and fashion products, yet be able to buy as much makeup and fashionable clothing items as you normally would:


♥ Sign up for weekly ads and register with your favorite stores and sites. You will be able to get in store coupons, extra savings, and online codes, which are not available to the general public. Also, many stores will email special invitations, free gifts with purchases, and free samples.

♥ Check the weekly newspaper and online ads before making any beauty purchases. What I have noticed is that stores like CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens will compete with each other, so if you miss a sale in 1 store most likely the others will offer a very similar deal if not better that same week!

♥ Do invest in good skin care products! This is something I usually splurge on because having good, clean, clear skin is very important to me. I find that when my skin looks good I spend less money on makeup since I don't have to cover up as many blemishes.

♥ Make the Dollar Tree/Dollar General your best friend! Items like cotton balls, q-tips, makeup sponges, bobby pins are of the same quality whether you purchase them at a drugstore or a dollar store, you can easily save $2-3 on each item!


♥ Don't be afraid to search through bins and racks in order to find good deals on clothes. Sometimes it can be overwhelming but I've found that it is well worth it. Department store bins are always great, especially because you are purchasing high quality brand names, at discounted prices!

♥ Make sure you check the prices of clothing items as they are being scanned at the register; at times clothes are on sale, but the register doesn’t recognize it, so you end up paying full price for it. By the time customers realize they overpaid, they are already in the car or even at home, and don’t bother to go back and get the difference.

♥ You will get the best deals if you stock up on seasonal clothing as each season is ending. For maximum savings, look for shorts, bathing suits, and maxi dresses around October/November, and rain boots, sweaters, and coats during March/April.

♥ Visit your local discounted stores like Big Lots, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, for items like scarves, gloves, leggings, and shoes. I’ve found that the quality is just the same as department stores, but you will save 50-75% off each item.

Hopefully a lot of you will want to follow as many of these tips as possible, if you aren’t already doing so. Now days it’s very important to make a dollar stretch, to find as many good deals as possible, yet be able to buy good quality beauty and fashionable items! Please check out my blog Glitz Glam Budget for more budget friendly tips, bargain hauls, drugstore product reviews, and fashionably low priced clothing finds!
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