Soundtrack to My Life: Young'n Blues

Do you guys sit back and reminisce about those awkward teenage years?  You know, your first days of high school?  The days when parents just didn't understand?  When acne seemed to take over and our bodies morphed into beings of which we had no control?  Or how about your first date?   I'm sure you remember all those great times and not so great times right along with me.  In my second installment of the Soundtrack to My Life, I will be sharing the music that was a major part of my life in retrospect via the Teenage Years.  If you haven't already, be sure to check out Part One here.

Part Two:  Young'n Blues
(Teenage Years)
My favorite music of the times was influenced greatly by popular videos and the top ten countdown on the local radio station's radar.  It was also greatly influenced by my godsister, who had an ear for music and the next big star.  We spent many miles traveling in her Mustang to the latest tunes.
We bumped this song on the way to cause a bit of mischief 

DMX was our boo... We played a lot of him on the road.

She also put me on to other good musicians outside of my usual hip-hop box like some of these artists

I used to visit my cousins during the summer and they always laughed at my "accent". Before summers end of 2000, I was dubbed "Country Grammar" and this became my anthem smh

Don't forget to add in the mix that I used to think I was a slick lil Aaliyah lol
I was devastated when she passed away.

During this time in my life, my parents just didn't understand me, my friends knew everything about life, and the boys were all that mattered.  He had to be a hot boy with loads of swag though.
Yes, I went there with it!
I just knew me and my friends were
And I wanted a man with a Benz jeep.  Go figure.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed school and I loved English class, but I cared most about having fun and making memories.  I had to go to every sports event in the neighboring counties, all of the dances, and all of the house parties.  House parties bring songs like these to mind:

House parties, sports games, and other social events lead to more.... boys, boys, boys... I swear I fell in love with some hard-head every three months.  We dedicated songs on the radio to each other, they dubbed a few of these songs "our song" and suddenly we were on to the next.

I was involved in quite a few extra curricular activities, one of which took place at the local community college.  There I met some pretty amazing people, like one of my besties, Nady.  We did almost everything together.  Though we didn't attend the same prom, our proms were on the same day so we still prepared for it together.  Getting nails, hair, and dresses together put plenty of miles on her ride.  I wonder if she remembers these songs?
We played them all the time in her car!

And what's prom without our theme song of the year.

Ok.  I won't flood you guys with too many more videos. I could go on and on, as I have a song for every fond and not so fond memory.  But I will leave you with these last few.  These songs remind me a lot of my boo because it was after my graduation (which happened to be on my 18th birthday) that I really started getting closer to him.  We evolved from listening to Tupac all the time in his ride to songs like this:
That's when I knew I had him ;-)

Stay tuned for Part III!
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