Soundtrack to My Life: The Wonder Years

What are you guys loving the most about the holidays?  Personally, one thing I'm loving about the holidays is all of the great Christmas music.  It's something about hearing Mariah Carey's Christmas album that makes me hopelessly nostalgic.  Blasting Jackson 5's Christmas collection reminds me of unwrapping presents in a warm, cozy house that smelled of vanilla and cinnamon simultaneously, surrounded by my younger sibs and loving parents.  We sang Christmas tunes, sipped hot chocolate, and enjoyed the love and warmth of family tradition.  These memories, along with other fond memories of childhood, are always set to motion with the spin of a song.

I say all this to express how much of an impact music has on our lives.  It can bring back the fondest of memories.  I was reminded of this recently after reading these posts from Socialite Dreams and Merely Marie.  Seeing how I am such a big tune-head and as easy as I can relate my life experiences to music, it was only fitting that I participated in this series as well.  Click read more to check out Part One.

Part One:  The Wonder Years
My early love of music was shaped by girl groups of the 90s.  Me and all of my girlfriends used to sing our favorite tunes on the playground during break time and after lunch.  Here are a couple of my faves:
Then there were the lovely ladies I emulated.  I belted out songs along with them, pretending my young heart felt the sentiments within their songs.
And then there are the songs that remind me of firsts... 
Like my first kiss
My first crush
And my first broken heart.
And this song that my big cousin claims used to be my favorite song as a child.  Everyone says I sang it all the time!
Stay tuned for Part Two!
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