Give a Little Love Away!

Are you getting tired of seeing all of the Valentine's Day cheer?  Is the sight of balloons, roses, candy, and chocolates getting on your nerves?  Do you loathe this time of the year because of all the "single's awareness"?  Well ladies and gents, have no fear!  I have a list of 5 great things to do that will make your LOVE-O-METER heighten today, and any other day of the year when you're just not feeling the spirit.

Say Hello! Remember that old friend you've been meaning to contact (call/email/fb/tweet) but haven't gotten up to it?  Send them a Valentine's Day e-card letting them know they're on your mind!

Volunteer!  The local boys and girls club, soup kitchen, homeless shelter, and domestic violence shelters thrive on love and support.  Check your local directories for ways to get involved in your community.

Donate!  Still have those cute dresses or trendy jackets hanging in your closet with the tags on them?  What about other gently used clothing items you have no intentions of wearing again?  Why not share them with one of the above mentioned agencies?  They would love to receive these items.

Give a GENUINE compliment. Does your co-worker have great organizational skills or an excellent way with words?  Does your best friend always know just how to make you smile?  Does your mother bake the best 7-layer chocolate cake in the world?  Tell them!  You never know how therapeutic a kind word can be to another.

Practice self-love.  Did you know that the largest barrier to loving others is not first loving yourself? Today, take the time to show yourself love.  What do you love most about yourself?  Make a list and post it on your wall or mirror.  Treat yourself to a nice gift.  Or take some suggestions from the lovely Daja of No Boiz Allowed.

Above all things, enjoy this beautiful day God has blessed you with!
Happy Valentine's Day Weekend, everyone! 

from the archives, feb. 2012
photo credit: ashley ella designs
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