Guest Post: How to Spice Up YOUR Nail Look

Ladies, are you tired of the same "plain jane" nails?  Are you ready to take your nail looks to the next level?  If so, I have a treat for you! Today my guest blogger Ashley over at Glam No Labelz will be showing you all how to take an average manicure from plain to FAB!

ABOVE: (from left-to-right)
NYC polish in Charming Rose Creme, Wet n Wild “fast dry” polish in Party of Five glitters, & L.A. Colors art deco in white
*Which you can find many different colors at Dollar Tree*

First you want to choose a nail polish you might not reach for as often, or a bit boring.
Then choose one of your favorite glitter polish or nail art deco (decoration) to SPICE UP this look.
Paint your nails one solid color with the “boring” nail polish
In this case, mine would be Charming Rose Creme by NYC
Next: Paint either your accent nail (ring finger)
with the glitter.
Or you can use glitter on all of your nails 
if that’s the look you’re going for.
I do that from time to time.
Another view....

Option 2: you can use the nail deco instead...
Or both like I did in a photo below
Here, I’ve applied the L.A. Colors nail deco 
by making a polka-dot look
ABOVE: The finished look

Here’s another look I did.
ABOVE: (from left-to-right)
Wet n Wild “fast dry” in SaGreen the Teenage Witch, 
& Revlon in Carbonite
Although the green polish stands out on its own, 
 the Revlon polish makes them stand out
I used the silver-ish color by Revlon (Carbonite) 
on the accent/ring finger to make this look POP!

BELOW are other ways you can spice up your nail look as well...

Nail Stamping
nail stamping

Dotting tools
dotting tools
You can use these tools to apply decals or make polka-dots with regular nail polish

Decal stickers
You can find these items in beauty supply stores (Local beauty supply stores, Sally Beauty), dollar stores (Dollar Tree, Dollar General etc), drug stores (Rite Aid etc...) online (

All items that I used in this post for my two different nail looks were under $2.
I like to shop on a budget. And since I’m a nail polish addict, it’s best that I do.
I hope you ladies enjoyed my post, and were able to learn a few new tips when it comes to 
making your nails POP & sizzle lol :)

xOxO... Ashley N. of GlamNoLabelz
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