Currently: 04.28.13

(inspired by Chymere Californian)

In Lust With:  Ice Cream.  Rainbow Vanilla Ice Cream from a specific little store back home to be exact.  If I'm not making a beeline for that store when I visit, I'm sending someone to the store to get me some.  I crave it all the time! I'm also in deep lust with this Cake Batter Ice Cream Double Butter Body Cream  I got from here last week.  My dry, hormonal skin is in awe.

In Love With: ABC's Once Upon a Time. Have you seen that show? I just love all the twists and turns these people go through in the town of Storybrooke and how each of them have fairy tale alter-egos (or separate lives, from a different time and place). Each Sunday night I find myself tuned in to see whose backstory will be told next.  Between it, Revenge, and Scandal, ABC keeps me glued to the screen on Sunday and Thursday nights (when they aren't showing re-runs).

Obsessing over:  Moving.  Should I stay? Should I go? I don't know. I'm so indecisive about things here lately that thoughts of moving are becoming really overwhelming.  As much as I've grown to love my city, I think I might have to move on.  Lord, please order my steps.

Working On: Organizing everything.  I'm trying to find a designated place for everything, for everyone.  I thought I did a great job of this just a few short months ago, but my children have shown me otherwise lol. I am striving to create a more simplified life for the four five of us, so that begins with simplifying my home.  NOTE: This is not an easy feat when you and your husband are both pack-rats. Eek!

Favorite Words: Glowing, Happy, and Beautiful.  Most days, I don't feel like the third word.  But with reassurance from my loving and supportive husband, I can feel all three surge from the inside out.

Favorite Visual:  The animation in Wreck-It-Ralph.  Ok, don't laugh! I think I've grown so fascinated with the visual aesthetic of this movie partly because my children love watching it (meaning I watch a lot of it whether I choose to or not).  But I confess that I'm probably most drawn to it because it makes me feel so nostalgic. It reminds me of how obsessed I used to be with videogames when I was a young child (while a part of me still is!).  I love how bright and vivid the colors are, how strikingly HD certain game characters are and how adorable Vanellopi Von Schweets is.  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.  It's definitely worth watching.

Favorite Sound:  Baby J's heartbeat.  I fell in love the first time I heard it, as it gave me proof that there was actually life moving around and thriving inside of me.  Hearing it for a second time yesterday gave me assurance that everything was gonna be okay with him 

Over the Moon About: One of my besties flying out to NC to visit me for my birthday next month. I'm so excited, I can hardly contain myself!  

Thinking Of: Celebrating life more often.  With the recent loss of a loved one and all of the lifestyle changes I've recently experienced, I feel that I don't celebrate life enough.  Sometimes, it takes a wedding or a funeral for my family, friends, and loved ones to get together and it sucks that it has to be that way. I know we all get a little busy with life and attending to our own affairs, but I want to be more involved in their lives.  I have to make a greater effort, whether others do or not.  There's nothing like giving folks flowers while they are still around to smell them.

Dreaming Of: What Baby J will be like.  Will he look like me or will he look like his daddy?  Will he have my temperament?  Will he be like his big brother J? Will he cry a lot or will he be quiet and mild-mannered like my daughter was as a baby? Will he steal my heart as quickly as my other two loves have? I think about him all the time and wonder how his presence will shape and change my world.

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