MANICure Monday: O.P.I. Nicki Minaj & Kiss Nail Dress

Happy Monday, loves! How is everyone doing?  I hope all the fellow mommies had a wonderful Mother's Day on yesterday and that everyone's week is off to a great start!  As for me, I had a great weekend and now my week is off to a bright start, thanks to these little O.P.I. nail polish minis from the O.P.I. Nicki Minaj collection that launched last Spring.

Now to be honest with you ladies, I almost forgot I had these polishes.  They were like five seconds from being tossed! Isn't that sad?  I try to sort through my stash every couple of months, as I like to rotate the polishes I have on display every so often.  If I don't, I will forget I have a certain polish and I don't want to purchase the same shades (or similar ones) over and over again. So while I was looking through my polishes, I saw the minis I had grabbed on a whim from the O.P.I. Nicki Minaj Collection at the bottom of the container, along with a couple bottles of Bon-Bons. I picked out "Did It On 'Em" and "Fly" from the set of four and decided I'd better use them before the color started to separate!

O.P.I. Nicki Minaj Nail Polish in "Did It On 'Em" is a bright (but not neon) yellowish green shade. I don't own another color quite like this one so I decided to go ahead and try it out!

I felt that O.P.I. Nicki Minaj Nail Polish in "Fly" would contrast "Did It On 'Em" nicely, as it is a deep muted teal shade. So I chose to pair these two for this week's mani.

And while I was digging out of the stash and trying to stray away from glitter for a change, I decided to use my leopard Kiss Nail Dress strips for accent nails.  Besides, I purchased them a minute ago and they will eventually use their stickiness if I don't use the remainder of them soon.

So what are your nails looking like this week, ladies? Are you into a particular manicure trend lately? Have you purchased any special edition or limited edition polishes before?  If so or even if not, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!
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