Hair Journey Update: Summer 2013

relaxed hair journey

Summer is here and for me and my hair journey goals, it's time for another Hair Journey update! I've been on this journey for a couple of years now, complete with its peaks and valleys.  Nonetheless, I'm continuing to make note of everything going on with my hair through journaling and sharing updates here on the blog with you guys.  I've enjoyed reading so many of your hair journey related blog posts, so I hope I can get some feedback from you guys concerning mine!

Hair Characteristics: (Thanks Fancy Flair Lady)

Curl? Relaxed
Strand Thickness? Fine
Porosity? High Porosity
Overall Hair Density/Volume? Thin
Chemical Treatments? No-Lye Relaxer

Hair Stats: (Thanks Worldly-Journey)

Last relaxer: July 5, 2013
Next relaxer: October 11, 2013
Last Trim: ???
Current Hair Goal: Obtaining overall thickness; Growing back crown breakage
Hair Length Goal: Full APL, then BSL
Current Length: Grazing APL--much shorter in the crown
Recent Purchases: Hair Trigger Growth Elixir
Hair Needs: Repurchasing of HE LTR Leave-In Conditioner (my favorite summer time moisturizer)
Trying Out: Pre-pooing and Scalp Massages with Hair Trigger Growth Elixir
Disliking: My thin ends

The goals I set for myself this year are as follows:

1. Achieve APL length by Summer 2013  
2. Try new low-manipulation hair styles (such as roller sets, twist-outs and braid-outs)
3. Stick to my routine! Remain consistent in my hair care.
4. Achieve more thickness to my relaxed hair, as opposed to length (new goal as of Spring 2013)

In remaining consistent, I must make sure to stick to these tasks:

1. Only one heat pass per 6 weeks.  Try not to use any direct heat at all.
2. Moisturize and seal nightly.
3. Deep condition weekly under the dryer.
4. Massage scalp with hot oil mix Hair Trigger 2-3x weekly.
5. Baby my edges with JBCO nightly.
6. ALWAYS sleep with my scarf or bonnet on. No excuses!

The Stretch

Prior to July 5, 2013, my last relaxer was on March 29, 2013.   So this stretch lasted 14 weeks, which was 2 weeks less than my last stretch.  During my 14 week stretch, I think I've been consistent with my regimen, considering I kept my hair away for the most part.  I moisturized with my Herbal Essences LTR Leave-In until it ran out and then started using African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer. Instead of sealing my moisturizer with jojoba oil, I've been using strictly grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil contains ceramides, something I felt I needed to add to my hair care regimen if I wanted to achieve thicker relaxed hair.  And I must say I'm already noticing a difference as my ends weren't as see-through as before.  To take it a step further, I added a drop of JBCO to the ends of my hair every other night after moisturizing and sealing. It seems to be doing the trick!

stretching relaxed hair
excuse the "just got out of bed" look lol

I will admit I've had a lot of lazy days during this stretch. When I didn't feel like doing anything to my hair, I simply spritzed my Aloe Vera Mix all over my hair and put it in a bun.  If you haven't heard me rave enough about the Aloe Vera Mix, let me tell you it is very moisturizing and makes my new growth so soft!  And I made sure not to wear my bun in the same position for too long, as I am trying to correct the breakage in my crown.

I also started using Hair Trigger Growth Elixir in May, as I wanted to try something new for my hair.  I think it may be too soon to see if my hair has had a huge amount of growth due to this product, but I can say that my new growth got super thick really fast! And I got the honeydew melon scent added to my elixir so I have received a lot of compliments on how great my hair smells. 

I've also made sure to add some protein to my regimen this stretch also. I decided to re-up on my Aphogee Green Tea & Keratin and 2-Minute Reconstructor.  Both have helped decrease any shedding I was experiencing before and my hair really does feel fuller after using them.

The Results

I was pretty pleased with my results from this stretch.  I can't say that I've seen a dramatic amount of growth, but it was not as thin as it was after the last relaxer.  Of course, I decided not to flat-iron anymore, whether I wanted badly to measure growth or not. Following my final rinse (after the relaxer process), I sprayed my hair with my Aphogee Leave-In, moisturized with my African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer, sealed with coconut oil, and followed up with a tiny drop of GVC Silk Remedy all over my hair.  I loved how soft and shiny my hair was the next morning after I took my bonnet and scarf off.  

In the upcoming months, I'm still gonna be focusing more on the overall health of my hair.  I'll be adding more ceramides to my regimen as well as making sure my moisture/protein levels are balanced so that I can achieve the thickness that I desire. Paying close attention to my crown is also a main objective of mine, as I will make sure to give it just as much moisture as I do the rest of my hair and refrain from doing styles that will create tension in the crown area.  Hopefully I will finally style my hair in a few braid-outs or twist-outs also. And last but not least, I will also continue to baby my fragile ends with JBCO.

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