Skin Care Products + Regimen (Summer 2013)

combination skin

Hey guys! Just wanted to take a few moments to give you all a small update on my skin care routine. This is the current skin care regimen I've been following for quite a few months now. Some of these products I have been using for over a year, others have just joined the bunch some months ago. And trust me, these products have been doing an awesome job of keeping my skin in check.  I have combination skin, which causes my t-zone to be more oily in the warmer months and fairly dry in the winter months.  My biggest skin concerns are keeping my skin radiant and firm and further correcting my acne-scarring and hyper-pigmentation (as I've been doing better in this area). With this regimen, I've been able to take care of these issues quite well.

The Products
  1. Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel-Though this cleanser is non-foaming, it does a great job of giving the skin a nice, deep cleanse. It contains Papaya Extract, an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that rejuvenates dull skin.   
  2. Mario Badescu Whitening Mask- The whitening mask contains Kojic Acid, Licorice Extract, and Grape Extract--all of which reduce hyperpigmentation and soothe inflamed skin.
  3. Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Serum- This serum does a great job of reducing hyperpigmentation as well, containing all organic ingredients.  Read my full review of Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Serum HERE.
  4. Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub-  This scrub has skin brightening properties, which helps my dark spots fade quicker.  It sloughs off dead skin so gently, it can actually be used daily. 
  5. Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser- This cleanser heals and hydrates, containing organic lemon, cherry and aloe. Read my full review of Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser HERE.
  6. Simple Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer- I love how rich and replenishing this moisturizer is. It keeps my face moisturized through the night and makes my skin feel so supple when I wake up!
  7. mark. See Things Clearly Brightening Moisturizer- This moisturizer has radiance-boosting properties also. Though very light in texture, it is chock-full of antioxidants such as lotus flower, that help keep the skin clear.
  8. The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost- This product does just what it says--gives the skin a boost! It adds a radiance to the complexion that I love and it smells great too!
  9. Olay Professional Pro-X Brush- The Pro-X brush used in conjunction with my cleansing bar, gives me a deep cleansing for a fraction of the price of a Clarisonic.  This brush is very budget-friendly!
  10. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller- The cooling eye-roller combined with all the "skin nutrients" this product has makes it great at fighting eye puffiness.
Daytime Routine

morning skincare routine for hyperpigmentation

Each morning I cleanse with Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel using the Olay Professional Pro-X brush. After rinsing and while my face air-dries, I moisturize with mark. See Things Clearly Moisturizer. After moisturizing, I add just a small drop of The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost to my face for added radiance. I then apply my Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller to my under-eye area.

On Fridays I add an at-home steam facial to the regimen: I simply heat distilled water and rosewater, grab a towel, and bask my face into the steamy goodness (just not too close to the water)!  At times, I replace the rosewater with peppermint oil. 

Evening Routine

evening skincare routine for hyperpigmentation

In the late evenings, I cleanse with Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Cleanser using the Olay Professional Pro-X brush. I then use my fingertips to massage the Juice Beauty Blemish-Clearing Serum into my face. After letting the serum completely dry into my face, I apply a small bit of Simple Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer to keep the moisture locked in throughout the night. Just recently I've began to follow up by using Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream (not pictured) around the eye area to decrease fine lines. I've just started using this product, so I'm not sure if I'm gonna add it into my regimen yet.

Bi-weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays), along with my evening cleansing and moisturizing, I add an additional step to my routine by exfoliating with Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub. On the nights that I don't exfoliate with Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub, I apply Mario Badescu Whitening Mask to my dark spots only.  I do this after cleansing and before moisturizing. 

The Lifestyle

I've been able to pretty much keep my skin in check by doing the same seven things I listed in my last skin care update, which are:

1. Drinking plenty of water
2. Eating foods that are high in Antioxidants and Vitamin C
3. Changing my pillowcase at least twice weekly
4. Cleaning my satin scarf twice weekly
5. Keeping my cellphone clean or away from my face, if possible
6. Wearing less makeup
7. Pampering myself and eliminating stress

To read more about these seven things, check out my last skin care post HERE. Mind you, all of us are different, so some things that work for my skin may not work for your skin or vice versa.  I haven't found the perfect product in anything that I use, but when I really like a product/find it to be quite effective, I love to tell others about it. Seasons change, my skin care needs change, and now with this pregnancy, my hormones make my skin do some things that I'm just not used to yet.  So this is what's definitely working for me right now. If anything changes, I will be sure to share it with you guys :-)


I would love to hear about it all in the comments!
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