7 Days of Love | 5 Ways I Keep the Passion in Marriage

Happy Monday, loves! Today is Day 3 of the "7 Days of Love." If you missed the posts from the weekend, "7 Days of Love" is a week-long collaboration between The Chic SAHMThe Green-Eyed Lady BlogBaby Teems, and myself. During this week, we will be writing about love and romance, per 7 given prompts. Today's prompt asks us how we keep our marriages hot and sexy. Below, I have listed 5 ways I keep the passion burning with mine!

1. COMMUNICATION- Just as I mentioned on Saturday, open communication is a must. When it comes to keeping the passion in our marriages, we have to be able to express our innermost thoughts, desires and expectations with our mates without shame or guilt. If I want to try something different with my spouse, I know I can talk openly and candidly with him without judgment and vice versa. I can also count on my husband to try everything within his power to fulfill those desires. Your spouse has no sure way of knowing how to please you or keep you satisfied if you do not communicate about these things. 

2. PRESERVING MY SEXY- I've always loved that phrase every since I heard Diddy say it in a Proactive commercial. "Preserving your sexy" simply means making sure you are always looking your best. Whether it be keeping my hair nice and neat, my skin glowing and healthy, or my body in top physical fitness (ok, I need to work on this one), I try to always look my personal best. And trust me, you don't have to spend a lot of money to do it. Most of the time, I do my own hair, my own manicures/pedicures, and my own facials. There are many talented vloggers on YouTube that can show you how to do it all! It's totally worth it when I notice the way my husband still looks at me with desire and admiration after all these years :)

3. BUILDING HIS CONFIDENCE- I believe building confidence in my husband really keeps the fire burning in our marriage. Over time,  I have learned to be more vocal in my appreciation of him. When he cooks a dish (though it's rarely) I express how thankful I am and how well of a job he did. When he gets dressed up, I love to tell him how handsome he looks. And with everything he does that I like, I try to always give him positive feedback. Now I know that us women love "brownie points," but I never realized until now how much men enjoy them, too. It makes them want to please us and make us smile even more. And what man doesn't want to feel confident in knowing they are like Superman in the eyes of their wives?

4. DATE NIGHT IN- This is a really great option for hubby and I, as we are not always able to get out and go on dates. Sometimes, when all the kids are asleep, I'll make a special dinner just for him. I'll light candles, and create a very romantic ambiance right at home. If he wants to see a movie, I'll grab something on redbox or find something we haven't seen on Netflix and I'll set the mood for movie-viewing. I try to find a way to recreate anything he would want to do outside of the home, inside the home. That way, we can still spend quality time alone whether we have a sitter or not. And we can always retreat to the bedroom with ease afterwards :)

5. ROLE-PLAYING- Don't get the wrong idea, guys. Role-play is not exclusive to sex. Sometimes it's nice to switch your look or way of doing things up a bit. Those of you that know me well know I like to change my hairstyle quite regularly. And there's something about a new look that thrills my husband. They say that variety is the spice of life, so perhaps he feels like he's getting to know someone new when I change my hair. And since he responds so well to a change in my appearance, I am confident with implementing role-play on an intimate level. To read more about implementing role-playing ideas into your marriage, check out this article from All Women Stalk. Number 2 is definitely tried and true for me, perhaps because that's the role I'm most familiar with in real life. The imagination is a great tool for romance and has really heated things up in my marriage!

 What do you do to keep things 
hot & sexy in your marriage?

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