7 Days of Love | The Sexy Playlist

Happy Valentine's Day, beautiful people! Alas, we have reached the final day of our "7 Days of Love" collaboration, and I must say it's bittersweet. I've had fun engaging with you guys this week. We've talked about ways to keep our marriages hot & sexy, we've shared stories about our first kiss with our husbands, and we've even given you a few ideas for date night looks and romantic Valentine's Day dinners. And to end it all with a bang, we're sharing a playlist of our favorite sexy songs to set the mood. Now y'all know this is right up my alley, right? If I could, I'd make you all a mixtape for the occasion! But since I can't, I'm going to share a lengthy list of my favorites with you guys. Now let me warn you ahead of time-- some of these songs are not for the faint of heart. I'm gonna take it easy with a few of them myself, as I am not ready to be running behind baby # 4 yet, lol. Check out the list, though. I hope you see something you like!


1. Would You Mind- Janet Jackson
2. Seconds of Pleasure- Van Hunt
3. Love You Down- Silk
4.Til The Cops Come Knockin'- Maxwell
5. The Panties- Mos Def

6. Etcetera- R. Kelly
7. On My Way- Ginuwine
8. Upstairs- Trey Songz
9. 'Bout It, Bout It- Jesse Powell
10. Before I Let You Go- Blackstreet

11. Seems Like You're Ready- R. Kelly (J's Pick)
12. Teach Me- Miguel
13. Untitled (How Does It Feel)- D'Angelo
14. Anytime, Anyplace- Janet Jackson
15. Sex Games- Case

16. Insatiable- Prince
17. Nice 'n Slow- Usher
18. Butta Love- Next (J's Pick)
19. Speechless- Beyonce'
20. The Love Scene- Joe

21. Say Yes- Floetry
22. Just Once, Oncemore, Three Times- Rome
23. Love Faces- Trey Songz
24. Pretty Girl- Jon B.
25. After 12, Before 6- Sam Salter


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