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Today marks the fourth installment of our "7 Days of Love" collaboration. If today is your first day on the blog, the "7 Days of Love" is a week-long collaboration between The Green Eyed Lady Blog, Baby Teems, The Chic SAHM and myself. Since Saturday we've been blogging about love and romance per 7 given prompts. And it's been a blast so far! Today's prompt asks us to recall our first kiss with our husbands. Here goes nothing!

I am going to keep it all the way real with you, ladies. I could not remember our first kiss for the life of me. When I read this prompt, my mind started racing. I calculated the years I've known him. I sifted through the memories of our first encounters. I smiled as I looked back at all of the sweet gestures he did when the relationship was fresh and new. But I could not remember our first kiss. So when we sat down and talked about sweet memories the other night, I asked him could he remember our first kiss. At first, he stared at me puzzled. He thought I was asking a trick question and that he could possibly "get in trouble" if he could not recall the date or time-- sorta like that whole remembering important anniversaries thing. But when he looked in my pitiful brown eyes and saw that I couldn't remember either, I could see that heavy sigh of relief rise from his chest, lol. Neither of us had a clue. So we begin to talk about our early days of getting to know each other. How we used to visit after school and on weekends. And when I remembered that one night he was dropping me off home and "Come to Daddy" by R. Kelly was playing in the Dually, I smiled as I recalled what I thought was our first kiss. 

Now I want to tell you that it was passionate. I want to tell you that I looked into his big beautiful brown eyes and was so enamored by him that we locked lips instantly, like Jason and Lyric did in the movie. "Come to Daddy" spilled loosely from the truck's speakers and all I saw were fireworks after that. That's what I really want to tell you. But because my husband just couldn't let me be great, he said that was not our first kiss. 

He says we were sitting up at his dad's house alone with some raunchy 50 Cent song playing in the background. I didn't even want to hear anymore after he said that, and I told him he was sadly mistaken. I wanted that memory to be a sweet, romantic, and sentimental one. Just imagining him & I all cuddled up on his dad's couch with that horrible song (that I'm not even gonna tell you the name) playing in the background makes me cringe lol. He could be right though. 

But since we deliberated on the issue for what seems like an hour, I grew frustrated. It was starting to feel like that episode of Martin when he and Gina were going back and forth about the night they first met. So for the sake of getting this post done in a timely manner, we thought it would be cool if we talked about our first public kiss. J isn't big on PDA, so we both remember that day perfectly. 

He came to visit me at WSSU for the weekend. It was a warm, late summer afternoon in 2003 and we were looking for things to do. We were both in an unusually great mood. I went from seeing him everyday to not seeing him for weeks, so I was glad to be next to him riding down the highway that day. And since it was so warm out, we decided to go to a local park after having breakfast. I had recently gotten Beyonce's Dangerously in Love CD and I recall "That's How You Like It" playing right before we got out of the car. We walked around the park hand-in-hand, something we had never done prior to that day. I sensed that he was growing more comfortable with me and was slowly beginning to take off his cool.  And I loved it. After walking down the nature trail and talking about some of everything under the sun, we took a seat at a picnic table. Within a few moments of exchanging sweet nothings, we kissed. Right there in the park. With people watching and everything! That was so not like J. But I was miles from "home" and I was sure no one from the "yard" was out at the park that day. And though it was short, simple, and sweet, I'll always remember that day. Though we had been dating for a while, his behavior that day showed me he was no longer afraid to show a softer side of himself. We always look back at that day and smile. And though we did quite a few other things that weekend, those moments at the park always stand out. 

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