Ode To The Beautiful Dreamers and Creatives

We're quirky, and cutesy, and witty, and we're proud of it. We make no apologies about who we are or what we love. We use our virtual spaces and faces to share loud voices and passions with the highest of frequencies. You may know us as bloggers, vloggers, entrepreneurs, mompreneurs, and (my favorite word) creatives.

Yep, that's us. We're the ones. We fill our houses with bookshelves to house reads galore. We chat on social media nonstop about our favorite covers, to-be-read piles, and share "shelfies" day-in to day-out. And so what if we haven't read each book we've brought into our homes--we still buy more.

We love lipstick. We proudly wear a daring shade of red at any given time of the day, month, or year. We also love styling our hair in color, in curl, maybe in straightness but always in health. We beat our faces if we wanna, not because we need to, but because it's art. And of course, we document it all for the world to see and engage along with us.

We still collect comic books even though it isn't 1995. We love drawing manga and hand-lettering through the night whether we are the best at it or not. We journal daily, feverishly, and sometimes in few sentences. We plan and plan some more, and take pictures of how we plan. We write letters that may never find their way to their intended audiences. We write poems in our notebooks, on our phones, on our tablets, in the margins of our class notes, or maybe even on the back of the light bill.

Sure, we watch reality TV and don't care what you think about it. We don't watch THAT show and don't care what you think about that, either! And even if we don't watch THAT show, we know all about it from perusing our social media timelines or listening to THAT latest podcast. Don't tell me you're not subscribed to THAT podcast YET!

We still get lifted on smooth tunes from the 90's, profess our love for our favorite MCs of the 90's to whomever will listen (Who's the best MC? Tupac, Jay-Z, and Nas), and rock our door-knockers to any event we choose, because we feel the need to put that weight of the world on our earlobes. Fa' sho. We still visit record shops and dig through crates, looking for timeless hits to become our own personal spaceships (equipped with rear-view mirrors). May they be hip-hop, pop, or disco records--we love them all the same. And we pride ourselves in our eclectic tastes and appreciation for really good music.

We hit up thrift stores just as often to add unique pieces to our wardrobes. We love the thrill of finding a gently loved piece so perfect for us--yet once so perfect for someone else. Once we add it to a classic piece or pop of trendy retail fabulousness, we share all the details so we all stay fly. You know, we stay searching for and conjuring up magic.

But don't get it confused, we love the Lord. We are a work in progress and know that we aren't all the way "there" yet. We may curse sometimes, we may do some things others may raise brows at. But we're only human and we're striving to become the best versions of ourselves--for God, for our families, for ourselves. Lord, continue to use and guide us.

We geek out and laugh at our own jokes. We mingle with the crowd some days, but enjoy our own company most other days. We sometimes sound better on paper because we get soooo tongue-tied in person. But that's okay, too. Keep pounding on that keyboard, doll. You got this. And once you find your tribe, watch the words just flow.

Yes, we love our husbands dearly. We love our children dearly. Even if we complain that they're ruined our figures and drive us to run on coffee and wine. It's all worth it once bedtime comes and creativity walks into our rooms and makes us excited to share with our laptops our latest ideas. We may not admit that often in public, but we "get" each other online for this.

We work from home or bring work home only to find the work within the home is never done. We dream of creative entrepreneurship and work hard knowing manifestation must soon come. We catch bright ideas like fireflies, trying to control them though containing the excitement is tough. Others around us may not understand our plight, but we surround each other in support.

It feels good to be a part of this atmosphere where we all have a little something in common. We all celebrate our quirks and eccentricities and we grow together. No one ostracizes another because we don't fit into another's groove or we aren't a part of the cool kids club. We blog. We vlog. We create. And we get by.

Thank you guys so much for the love. For my tribe, blogger friends who have become like family over time: thank you for making me feel like I belong to something bigger than myself. I see you and I appreciate you all.

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