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As a fan of fashion, I am always observing how it is interpreted and displayed by others through their personal style. Like many others, I peruse my favorite magazines, Pinterest boards, and social media timelines for personal style stories that parallel my own and fashionistas that I can relate to. And as a woman who has fallen in a style rut quite a few times in the last few years due to lifestyle changes, I find myself looking for style inspiration more often lately. 

fashion blogger of colorFor all of these reasons, I've decided to revamp my fashion features here on the blog. The mission of the "Memoirs of a Fashionista" series is to highlight stylish women I admire while allowing them to share the love of fashion from their unique points of view. In today's "Memoirs," I am featuring Melanie Rashay. I have been following Melanie for some time on Instagram and am inspired each week by the way she effortlessly styles her looks to perfection. She is a devout mother, wife, and Christian who loves sharing her classic style on her social media channels. Launching her blog, Pretty Brown and Chic in the summer, Melanie definitely has an impeccable style and a sweet personality to be admired. Ladies, I present to you Melanie of Pretty Brown and Chic.

Tell me about yourself. I am a devoted wife and mother. I have one son who is a soon to be high school graduate/college freshman, c/o 2017. As you can tell I am a very proud mom! During the weekday I work full time helping the men and women Veterans who have put their lives and freedom on the line to serve our country and lived to tell about it; in the evenings and on the weekends I just do me which could consist of anything, but also includes me taking pics of my outfits to post to my online style diaries a.k.a social media pages (i.e., IG, FB, and Twitter). I am also working on launching my blog this coming summer.

How do you define your style? I don’t really have a particular style. I dress according to how I feel each day. I must say that during the work week (Mon-Fri), since I work in healthcare administration I am more conservative, but when I am not working I dress according to how I’m feeling that day. I may feel like throwing on some heels and dressing up a little or I may throw on some joggers and tennis shoes (or maybe even some heels with that) and go for a comfort chic look. It really depends on the day and how I’m feeling. I do love the color black though. My motto is “Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Black is the color for them all.” It doesn’t matter how hard I try to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, I always seem to gravitate right back to black. I can’t help it, its my fave!

fashion blogger of color

Where do you look for style inspiration? Everywhere. I get style inspiration from magazines, television, family, street style, and also my fellow style influencers/fashion bloggers that I follow on social media. There are so many ladies, especially in the plus-size community with such great style and confidence that I can’t help but to be inspired.

Who are your style icons? June Ambrose of course. I just don’t think that she can do any wrong when it comes to fashion. I just love how funky and eclectic yet chic her style is. She just gets fashion, and I love it. Now I don’t take the type of fashion risk that June does just yet but I still adore her style nonetheless. She just knows how to always make it work! I do have more but June is always at the top of my list!!!

What items do you feel are wardrobe must haves? Well MY wardrobe “must haves” would be a great fitting pair of denim (black and blue) jeans, a pair of chunky heels (open or closed toe) (black or nude), and also a cute pair of flats. Now that spring is here I would say a nice T-Shirt (white and black) because you can dress a t-shirt up or down and still look chic. A cold shoulder top and/or dress is a must. Also a great pair of hoop earrings (gold and/or silver), a nice watch, sunglasses and I can’t forget a great fitting bra. I couldn’t leave out the under garments, because they are the foundation that pulls your look completely together.

fashion blogger of color

What are your favorite places to shop? Everywhere! But one of my fav places to shop while getting more bang for my buck is TARGET!!!! I just can’t get enough. It is rare for me to go into Target and not come out with something new to wear. I also love ASOS, FOREVER 21, H&M, and the GOODWILL just to name a few. But I honestly will shop anywhere from high end to low end. If I like it, and the price is right, I will definitely buy it.

What trends are you currently wearing or looking forward to wearing this season? The cold shoulder trend. I love it!! I really dislike how big my arms, and how broad my shoulders are, so a nice cold shoulder top is a great way for me to show just enough skin on my arms and shoulders without feeling uncomfortable. I also love the Athleisure wear. I think that it’s genius to be able to throw on a pair of joggers or track pants with a pair of heels, and look and feel completely comfortable and chic. Now while I do like to purchase trendy pieces, I am the type of person that may not even wear the pieces when their “on trend.” I may not wear it until the next year. Don’t ask, it’s just something that I do.

fashion blogger of color

Do you have any styling tips or advice you would like to give someone who's working on developing their personal style? Just be yourself, but step out of your comfort zone from time to time. Try a trend or style that you wouldn’t normally try but you really want to; who knows, you just may like it. Taking risk can help you to develop or elevate your personal style, but always remain true to who you are. Don’t wear something because everyone else is wearing it, wear it because you like it and it looks good on you.

To find out more about Melanie and to connect out on these internet streets, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as Prettybrownandchic. Please stop through to show her some love and tell her Dre sent you!

Thank you so much for taking a part in this series, Melanie!
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