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Happy Fashion Friday, ladies! I've been enjoying the Memoirs of a Fashionista feature so far, and I hope you all have been as well! I've been learning so much from my fellow fashionistas. If this is your first time checking out the series, the mission of the "Memoirs of a Fashionista" series is to highlight stylish women I admire while allowing them to share the love of fashion from their unique points of view.

In today's "Memoirs," I am featuring Zuqueta Elle. From the moment I came across her Instagram feed, I was in awe of her sophisticated, polished style. She is effortlessly chic and her style shots look like they came straight from a magazine, y'all. She should really be a spokesperson for Target because her posts alone have sent me in the store more times than any celebrity collaboration has-- for serious. A wife, mother of three, and Detroit educator, this fashionista blogs to share how to dress well as a busy mom AND get the most bang for your stylish bucks with her #FlexYourFinds hashtag. Ladies, I present to you Zuqueta Elle of The Pnk Panda.

Tell me about yourself. I originally started my blog in 2012 under a different name. I got pregnant with my third son and just stopped. The Pnk Panda was created out of my desire to share my personal style. I experienced a lot of changes to my body after I had my last child. So it kind of became my personal hobby to find budget friendly ways to dress my newfound curves. I had a lot of friends that I help with finding cute clothes to fit their body types. One day my friend said okay you need to start blogging again so I started with my Instagram page and then created my website. I really want to share with women of all sizes how to curate their wardrobe to navigate their super busy lives. My posts include a variety of topics from looks of the day, daily fashion finds, and how to #FlexYourFinds.

How do you define your style? Do you have a signature look? I think my personal style is all over the place honestly. Mainly preppy, glam, a little bohemian. I will try any look that is flattering to my body. I have noticed that I am gradually transitioning to a more minimal wardrobe. I am looking for pieces that are interesting enough to do “the talking.” I have really toned down the amount of accessories that I wear. I think it’s a phase though. I love jewelry so we’ll see how long this lasts.

the pnk panda

Where do you look for style inspiration? I love Solange’s style. She has such a unique eye for fashion. It’s always interesting, architectural, and avant garde. It inspires me to incorporate clothing into my everyday wardrobe. I also tend to follow stylists more to see how they are dressing their clients for inspiration. @luxurylaw, @bryonjavar, @shunmelson, @monicarose are who I look to a lot. I also find inspiration from the wonderful bloggers on my timeline everyday!

Who are your style icons? Diana Ross, Josephine Baker, and Dorothy Dandridge.

What items do you feel are wardrobe must haves? A nude pump, A black pump, A crisp white button up, black blazer, and two pairs of jeans in a dark and light wash. You can do anything with those!

the pnk panda

What are your favorite places to shop? I will literally shop anywhere. ASOS, Rue107, Rebdolls, Forever21+, and TARGET!

What trends are you currently wearing or looking forward to wearing this season? Bomber Jackets, Tops with (ruffles, bows, off the shoulder), and menswear inspired pieces.

the pnk panda

Do you have any styling tips or advice you would like to give someone who's working on developing their personal style? Don’t walk away from something that you like out of fear of what it looks like. Try it on. Or buy it, take it home and TRY IT ON. You will never know what’s flattering on your body without taking some time to try out different styles. And breathe, take your time, it’s a process.

To find out more about Zuqueta and to connect out on these internet streets, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as @thepnkpnda. Please stop through to show her some love and tell her Dre sent you!

Thank you so much for taking a part in this series, Zuqueta!
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