Weekend Reading Recommendation: Every Day I'm Hustling by Vivica A. Fox

Every Day I'm Hustling by Vivica A. Fox was a 5 star read for me! When I tell you reading this book was like having a sit down with my favorite auntie (in my head) please believe me!

In Every Day I'm Hustling, Vivica A. Fox gives you tips and tricks on how to put your best high-heeled foot forward when it comes to hustling. She does this with such style and candor, it feels like you're having girl-talk with a trusted friend that has your best interest at heart. Vivica talks about her beginnings in the business on down to what she's up to now, leaving nuggets of wisdom all the way through. And she doesn't sugar coat anything or give just her highlight reel either. Ms. Vivica keeps it all the way real, honey!

There were so many gems sprinkled throughout this book, I had my highlighter, favorite purple pen, and my sticky notes rolling with me at all times. Because when Miss Vivica A. Fox talks, honey, you listen AND take notes! She discussed life lesssons such as the power of being nice and showing gratitude for those who show up for you. Vivica's personal accounts all filled me with hope and the mindset to never give up on myself or my dreams. And since I know you are wondering: yes, she DOES talk about her rapper ex-boyfriend that shall remain nameless here. Of course, she does so with the grace of a true lady, as I knew she would.

I've always been a Vivica fan, so after purchasing Every Day I'm Hustling, I eagerly devoured this read in a couple of sittings. And I was not disappointed. I recommend it to all of my diva friends who might need some words of encouragement and inspiration on their journey. Vivica will have your back just as she had mine. Thank you to Vivica A. Fox for giving me someone to always admire, not by being a cookie-cutter perfect celebrity. But by being authentically you, showing us that we can bring our authentic selves (and a strong work ethic) on this journey of the hustle and thrive outchea. I appreciate you.

Have you read Every Day I'm Hustling yet? 

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