Life, Lately: Missing Summer

While I enjoy the warmth of family gatherings and quiet nights by the fireplace in the Winter, I must say that I am missing my fair weather friend, the Summer.  I miss lunchtime dates in the park with hubby, taking trips downtown just to soak in the culture, and most importantly, absorbing the world's greatest wonder that is the beach.



I miss walking down the boardwalk with the babies in tow, lapping up ice cream cones, doughnuts, and steaming hot funnel cakes--all the sugary confections a girl could ask for! I miss the fluid crowds of excited children and exasperated parents that filled the arcade, running a muck with tickets and prizes in hand. I miss my children begging incessantly for crisp singles in exchange for overflowing hand fulls of tokens.


I miss peering up at the cotton-candy colored skies while lying on smooth sand.  I miss making sand castles and scribbling love letters in the sand's cool surface.  I miss the waters rushing the shore and tickling my toes.

Summer, I'm totally not trying to rush things. I just wanted to let you know I miss you very much and I am impatiently awaiting your return. And when you return, I promise I won't take our time together for granted.

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