Look of the Day: Navy Blazer + Red Skirt

Hey ladies and gents!  Though I'm no fashionista per se', I thought it would be fun to start sharing more looks on the blog.  I enjoyed doing so during the Big Fat Summer Challenge hosted by Jasifer Lions Club, so I figured, why not? While I'm still trying to figure out the basics of my camera and am in need of hubby or someone to take shots of me in natural light, I decided to share these pics anyway.  It's surprisingly warm for a January afternoon and I am loving the way this outfit came together so I decided to post!  I hope you like!

Remember the Ralph Lauren blazer I purchased from the Goodwill in my November Thrift Haul post for $3? The one with the tags still on it?  Well ladies and gents, this is her!  

I can't quite recall where I got the scarf from, but I know it was free! Wearing it makes me feel like I'm serving up some stewardess chic style though, no lie.

I got this striped top from Wet Seal and got the skirt from Forever 21.  

And these cute red pumps came from amiclubwear.com

How do you style a navy blazer?
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