Just to Get By | A Playlist for the Hopeful

get by talib kweli

Hello friends! Have you ever had a string of never-ending, not-so-good, kinda-bad days? Not so terribly bad that you couldn't function, but just days where you felt like you couldn't get right? You know, those blah types of days when you get out of bed feeling like something is missing but you aren't sure what. You have a hope and a dream for something greater, but have no clue how to get to that something. Or it seems like no matter what you try to do, nothing works out in your favor. You might even feel yourself giving up on your hopes and dreams. But then one morning, things turn around for you.

On this particular morning, you wake up in an incredibly good mood. Perhaps you've had a good night's rest and you feel refreshed. You have an extra pep in your step and you feel like dancing aimlessly or bursting out in song---even if you can't carry a tune from your doorstep to your mailbox. You might take a shower and bask in the fragrance of your favorite body wash and love the way it glides down your skin. I get it. I have a few body washes that "do it" for me, too. Don't feel ashamed!

Breakfast even tastes better this morning, for some reason. You devour each morsel bite by bite and feel satisfied by the meal's end. And instead of peeping your social media only to see something that makes you roll your eyes, you log on and read something that lifts your mood even higher--- making you feel optimistic. Now you have a bright smile on your face and are just bursting at the seams. It might even be a great day for a workout, light jog, or gym session. Wouldn't that be nice? Has this ever happened to you?

I mean, woke up in a good mood and it has nothing to do with the strong and addictive aroma of fresh brewed coffee stirring your sense of smell. Can you imagine it? Now that is a good feeling!

And it's like immediately you know in your spirit that better is coming. I mean, it has to, right? There's been too many days of nothing-doing. There's been too many days of not chasing your dreams. There's been too many days of barely staying afloat. And there's been too many days of just watching your life pass you by. Well we don't want to be passive participants of our lives anymore. We want to seize the day and get things done. We want to live our best lives!

We decide that we will actively participate in the greatness that is coming into our lives. We pray on it. We meditate on it. And then we ask the Lord for strength and wisdom to endure and make the best decisions. We decide that today we will remove those things from our lives that are no longer serving us. We will stop doing those things that push us further away from our goals---those things that make us lose focus. And then we get by.

If you're like me, you jam at your desk while you're attempting to do all the things. And fortunately, I have a treat for you!

QUEUE THE "JUST TO GET BY" PLAYLIST:  For those of us who realize a change must be made starting today and we are pressing forward to get on by. Click the image below to open the playlist up in a new window. Make sure you have your headphones handy!

Track List: 
1. Get By-Talib Kweli
2. There's Hope-India Arie
3. Shine- Laura Izibor
4. Optimistic- Sounds of Blackness
5. Alright- Ledisi
6. Wavin' Flag- K'NAAN
7. Stronger- Myron Butler & Levi
8. I'm Going All The Way- Sounds of Blackness
9. Keep Tryin'- Groove Theory
10. Blessed and Highly Favored- The Clark Sisters
11.Conquerer- Estelle
12.Closer- Goapele
13.Strength, Courage & Wisdom- India Arie

And know that I will be marking items from my to-do list, jamming right along with you! We're in this together!


If these playlists are something that you would love to see more of in this space, please let me know in the comments. There is plenty more where this came from and I would love to share the beautiful musical energy with you!
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