We Are Booked Holiday Swap Sign-Up (Closed)

book swap
Bookish friends and family, the time is here! Tracie and I are now doing sign-ups on our blogs for the We Are Booked Holiday Swap. And we couldn't be more excited! But before you click the form, here are just a few things to make note of about the We Are Booked Holiday Swap:

-The swap is open to all of our readers and you do not have to have Instagram accounts to participate.

-Once everyone is signed up, each participant will receive information about another participant, anonymously. No one will know who has his or her name until the day he or she receives the package.

-The form will be active from November 8th through November 18th, giving everyone exactly ten days to sign up for the swap.

-Packages can include (but are not limited to) book(s) from the wishlists and other bookish items such as bookmarks, stationery, or other stocking-stuffers.

-Bookish mail + gifts are not to exceed $25.

-Packages must be mailed out no later than December 1st. Should this become a problem for someone, please contact Tracie and I immediately.

The idea of the swap is to give the gift of happy reading for the holidays. As we learned from the book photo challenge, there is a large community of fellow book lovers. Participating in this swap is an awesome way to share the love of reading with another.

Tracie and I really hope you will join in on the fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to email or contact us on any of our social media accounts.

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